Demo of C Marathi Project : Part 2

आमुच्या मनामनात दंगते मराठी
आमच्या रगारगात रंगते मराठी
आमुच्या उराउरात स्पंदते मराठी
आमुच्या नसानसात नाचते मराठी

आमुच्या पिलापिलात जन्मते मराठी
आमच्या लहानग्यात रांगते मराठी
आमच्या मुलामुलीत खेळते मराठी
आमुच्या घराघरात वाढते मराठी

आमच्या कुलाकुलात नांदते मराठी
येथल्या फुलाफुलात हासते मराठी
येथल्या दिशादिशात दाटते मराठी
येथल्या नगानगात गर्जते मराठी

:कवी सुरेश भट

The C Marathi framework has been developed keeping in view all students in Maharashtra. It does not matter whether student is from villege or small town, or not very fast in understanding concepts of programming or does not have access to good teacher. The framework would definitely help to all students, professionals, businessman, faculties and non-IT people who could not find time during their college education to learn C language.

One stop solution for all who want to learn C programming language

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