Ternary Operator : Sample Program Part 2

Ternary Operator

The video explains the method to use ternary operator in C program. What is important here is, programmer should not forget that conditional expression written using ternary operator returns the value.

Ternary operator is very handy operator to make the code consice in many situation not only in C but C++ and Java as well.

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Demo of C Marathi Project : Part 3

येथल्या दरीदरीत हिंडते मराठी
येथल्या वनावनात गुंजते मराठी
येथल्या तरू लतात साजते मराठी
येथल्या कळीकळीत लाजते मराठी

येथल्या नभामधून वर्षते मराठी
येथल्या पिकांमधून डोलते मराठी
येथल्या नद्यामधून वाहते मराठी
येथल्या चराचरात राहते मराठी                     

: कवी सुरेश भट


This framework not only contains lectures in simplest Marathi, but also contains multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter so that students understand inticacies of C Programming language. This MCQ has been given to prepare student to face interviews at the campus recruitment drive at the college level. Lot of assignments have been given at the end of each chapter so that student masters C language. Glossary of important terms has also been developed in simple and interesting Marathi language so that student can browse the same in the leisure.

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C Language Love

Summary of “C Marathi” project

heartदेणाऱ्याने देत जावे, घेणाऱ्याने घेत जावे…

हिरव्या पिवळ्या माळावरूनी, हिरवी पिवळी शाल घ्यावी…

सह्याद्रीच्या कड्याकडून, छातीसारखी ढाल घ्यावी…

वेड्यापिशा ढगाकडून, वेडेपिसे आकार घ्यावे…

रक्तामधील प्रश्नासाठी, पृथ्वीकडून होकार घ्यावेत…

उसळलेल्या दर्याकडून, पिसाळलेली आयाळ घ्यावी…

भरलेल्याशा भिमेकडून, तुकोबाची माळ घ्यावी…

देणाऱ्याने देत जावे, घेणाऱ्याने घेत जावे…heart

 महाराष्ट्रातील प्रतिभावंत कवी….. “कवी विंदा करंदीकर ” यांच्या या काव्य पंक्ती…. किती काही सांगुन जातात नाही….!

We a team of 15 technocrats from a very small city of Maharashtra, decided to develop something new which would help to understand programming language in most easiest way. We were determined to use medium of e-contents as Marathi so that contents would be understandable for maximum percentage of students having Marathi as mother tongue.

We started with C and started developing contents which would be unique in the world. As C has been Mother of all Programming languages over the last 40 years, it was our first choice to start with. The mission was to reach at the doorstep of each student who wants to learn programming language without the barrier of English language and good teacher.

Concept was to create totally different animation and use learning psychology of any student while learning. The concept itself was out of the box but we were determined to complete no matter amount of investment in terms of time, money and other resources.

The intention was to let students understand and not to recite from books only because of not understanding the concepts. The contents developed are so precise that whoever learns from this framework, would be in a position to explain concepts of language to anybody in confident way.

We started with Computer fundamentals, then language and programming fundamentals. Then slowly we covered Sample C program, control structures, functions, poiinters, arrays, strings, structures and file handling.

We tried to generate curiosity in the mind of student and generate interest as well. We strongly believe that once student understands basic concepts, he or she can learn on their own and will find the path to obtain the knowledge.

We also developed multiple choice question bank along with explainnation, assignments, glossary of important terms so that student can face any viva or interview with confidence.

Our next ongoing project is C++, which is going to be developed in the same interesting way. But precise work always takes time and its not an overnight task.

The whole team is quite confident that in the era of students glued to Facebook, twitter and social networking sites, they will equally enjoy this methodology to learn programming language.

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