Chapter 1 : Introduction to C Language

Introduction to Computers, Software, Introduction to Language, Introduction to C Language, Structure of C Language, Sample C Program

Chapter 2 : Decision Control Structure

Introduction to decision control structure, if control structure, if..else control structure, nesting of if..else, logical operators, ternary operators, Sample programs

Chapter 3 : Loop Control Structures

Introduction to loop, while loop, for loop, do while loop, nesting of loops, break and continue statement, special loop, sample programs on loops

Chapter 4 : Switch Case Control Structures

Introduction to Menu driven programming, syntax of switch…case, sample program, special program on switch…case


Chapter 5 : Functions in C

Introduction to functions in C, Types of functions, components of functions in C, function calling mechanism, return type of function, prototype of function, Sample programs

Chapter 6 : Pointers in C

Introduction to pointers in C, use of pointer, call by value and call by reference, sample programs using pointers in C

Chapter 7 : Arrays in C

Introduction to an array in C, Single dimensional array, Array declaration and Initialisation, Pointers in array, Pointer arithmetic, Arrays and functions in C, Bound checking of array in C, Double dimensional array, Pointers and 2-D array, Sample Programs

Chapter 8 : Strings in C

Introduction to character array in C, String input and output, String manipulation, Pointers and strings, library functions and user defined functions to compare 2 strings, string length, string reverse, string concatenation, change case etc. and sample programs

Chapter 9 : Structures in C

Introduction to structures in C, Syntax of structures, Accessing structure elements, Structure pointer, array of structures, nesting of structures in C, sample programs

Chapter 10 : File handling in C

Files in C, File pointer, File structures, various operations on files in C, reading from the file, writing to the file, file opening modes in C, sample programs


Multiple choice questions on each chapter, Glossary of important terms, Assignments


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