Chap. 1 : Unit 5 : Structure of C Language : Part 1

मुळाक्षर हि कोणत्याही भाषेची पहीली ओळख.smiley नंतर परीचय होण्यासाठी वाक्य तयार करायला शिकलच पाहीजे ना? आत्ता आपण हेच तर शिकणार आहोत…सी मध्ये स्टेटमेंट कशी लिहायची तेyes

General structure of C program

After having seen variables, constants and keywords, it’s time to understand how statement in C or how to write instructions in C programming….

In C instructions are statements can be categorized in 4 different parts…. Viz. Type declaration statement….Input-Output statements…..Arithmetic Instructions….Control structures….

Initially we are going to write simple, easy and short programs wherein we will use first three instructions. Control structures will be used little further from next chapters onwards…

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