Introduction to Software Part 4

Chap. 1 : Unit 2 : Software: Part 4

Any operating system carries out 3 basic functions…. 

                It acts as a manager

Operating System, like a manager of any company, decides who will do what….what resources are required to be provided…which task will be done when….and gets the work done from all attached hardware components….

Responsibility of getting the work done from mouse, keyboard, processor, memory, CPU, Hard Disk, network etc…is taken by the operating system herself and if she is faced with any problems then notifies the user of the computer….

                It acts as a controller

So whatever commands are sent by mouse, keyboard, scanner like input devices, all these are attained first by operating system….!

The second basic function of any operating system is “It acts as a command processor”

In the world of computers… Command from keyboard, mouse or any device is called as interrupt…. See the magic of this word…. In day to day life we hate interrupt but surprisingly operating system cannot work without interrupts…. Strange know but its true….really amazing

Because responding to events generated by keyboard or mouse is again primary responsibility of operating system…. No matter what type of event has taken place….a major one or minor one…OS needs to respond…. Be it a key press or a mouse click…. For an Operating System it is message through an interrupt and she takes care of ….

To make you understand this, let me give one example….right now you are listening to me as well as you hear various other sounds like people talking, honking of horns etc. it does not mean that you are deaf to these words….but God has made such a wonderful arrangement that we are able to filter out the unnecessary distractions and listen to only those things that are relevant and meaningful for us. Same theory applies to the operating system….

For example just click on the open space on the desktop and see what happens. Even if it is command, operating system is intelligent enough to ignore that…and if you click on the icon….it responds differently…amazing know…?

The thirst basic function of any operating system is “It acts as a controller”

 A function of controller is similar to that of manager in any organizations. When a manager has been looks after a company, he or she has to control finances, inventories, machine, and manpower and manager is delegated for carrying that responsibility. This job does not get over by delegating the tasks but it goes beyond that. He has to see to it that it is carried out without any hurdles….

The operating system works exactly on the same lines as the manager of any company. It has to keep control on all input/output and storage devices. If a document has to be printed, it just cannot give an order to print, it has to see whether printer is connected properly or not, if yes whether it’s on….if yes whether printer is carrying sufficient papers or not….so on and so forth…. For any difficult while getting the work done, it’s the operating system which informs the user…!

One more common function of operating system is providing the desktop

Providing a desktop for the user is one more important task of any operating system… Because desktop provides the user interface to access and peep in the inside world….!  Isn’t it that bill gates gives the most creative name Window to the operating system….!


Desktop usually provides icons, task bar, system tray…..and these tasks are also carried by any computer or even mobile operating system…

if you closely observe dining table in your home….you can easily find a tray on it…the tray carries certain things like knives, spoons, forks, salt and pepper, pickle…etc. we pick them as and when required….similarly system tray has clock, network status, antivirus, sound meter etc…


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