Introduction to Software Part 3

Chap. 1 : Unit 2 : Software: Part 3

Now we will have a look at Operating system in detail… It is one of the important system software…. 

Simply it can be defined as software which runs the system as a whole…

Let’s try to understand what is a system first of all?

To any government organization we many times call it as a system….where many departments are interlinked and interdependent and work together for common goal….

Electrical or mechanical for example break system of a Car are also examples of system….

Even water distribution system is one of the ideal examples of system….I mean the way it works…at times when taps in our home run dry….why? There could be some fault…or insufficient water at the reservoir or pump house maintenance…or may be some other reason…but in short we call it as system breakdown….!

Let’s take one more example… while travelling you suddenly land into a pothole on the road…. then whom do you hold responsible for the pothole…? You yourself…or an engineer…or the contractor quality of the material…or the supplier of the material….the mayor….or the collector or commissioner? In such situations either we tend to blame the first person we think of or we blame the system itself….! Isn’t it?

System is always complex in nature….. Jokes apart…but in fact many times more the particular system is complexits more efficient…. That may not be true in our life but is true to some extent in case of computer system….!

Likewise computer by itself is a system….because electronics components like mouse, keyboard, and monitor, hard disk, motherboard, memory, power supply, printer, scanner, mike, and speaker work together…

To get the work done from all these hardware components and peripherals, there is need of a bundle of specialized software package, which generally is recognized as operating system

MS-DOS, Windows 95, Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, UNIX are a few examples of operating system…

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