Introduction to Software Part 1

Chap. 1 : Unit 2: Software : Part 1

कंप्युटर खरं तर माणसा प्रमाणेच तयार केलायं. पण आपण नाही का अनेक वेळा स्वत:लाच शोधायच्या ऐवजी बाहेर दुनीया कशी आहे ते बघण्यात आयुश्य घालवतो. कंप्युटर शिकतांना नेमकं हेच होत. आणी Advanced Technology शिकण्याच्या नादात कंप्युटर नेमका कसा काम करतो हेच बघत नाही…enlightened म्हणून तर प्रोग्रॅमिंगच्या विद्यार्थ्यांना सोप्प वाटणारे पण पुढे अनेकवेळा उपयोगी पडणारे असे अनेक कंसेप्ट्स शिकवले आहेत. पण “मला माहीत आहे हे सगळ” अशा समजूती खाली दुर्लक्ष करू नका…smiley  

To operate computer one needs to have both software as well as hardware….

Hardware is all those parts which you can see with your naked eyes for example say input devices like keyboard, mouse, scanner, processor means Central Processing Unit, storage devices like hard disk and RAM and output devices like monitor, and printer

Earlier we have studied block diagram of computer We have seen all these hardware parts at that time

Suppose we get all these parts of the computer from the vendor and assemble as per slots available will the computer work?

Absolutely not possible unless and until we install programs in it

Once the computer is assembled, operating system needs to be installed, which is basic necessity of any computer system and a few applications which are useful for end user to work on it

Besides these two softwares, a few utility softwares also are installed for smooth running of the computer

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