Introduction to Computers Part 2

Chap. 1 : Unit 1: Introduction to Computers: Part 2

Even though…. you are well aware about computer fundamentals, this would act as a refresher module to understand further topics.

You might be aware that before we start learning language we need to know that computer system is comprised of hardware and software….

Hardware generally comprises of monitor…..keyboard….mouse…..CPU etc….whereas software is a set of programs….

Software again is broadly classified into two types……

One is System Software which is used for running a system….for example Operating system and other softwares.

The other type of software… application software….which is typically used by end user for day-to-day tasks…..

What you see…. on the left side of the frame on the monitor is hardware and that of on the right hand side are software….both these hardware and software are handled by primary software called Operating system….

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