Introduction to Computers Part 1

Chap. 1 : Unit 1: Introduction to Computers: Part 1

Hello students…..

Today…….. We are going to start learning important and very popular computer programming language…. And i.e. C Programming language

In last 40 years, thousands of books have been written in C.

You will find millions of websites on the internet…

Because of you know its simplicity, power and flexibility; these days…it is becoming part of school curriculum also

So here it is our first attempt to unfold mysteries of this beautiful language… completely in a different way….

C is many times considered as mother of all languages in the computer programming world,

Programming languages can be learnt through books or references on internet but it may not give you confidence…So I will be concentrating on the thought process of the language designers…by focusing on basics of the language….

So to let you understand this language, I have taken help of many happenings and day to day activities around us so. So you can also apply analogy to understand the C language…..and I am sure that you will like this new approach…

Sometimes it happens know…..You prepare just for the sake of passing an examination or facing the interview or viva….but it won’t help.

Variety of thousands of applications has been written in C language. Operating systems like…. UNIX, Substantial routines in Microsoft’s Operating system like Windows 95….98…..XP have also been written in C, I heard that help of C and C++ has been taken while developing familiar application software like MS Word. A few references on the internet claim that Autodesk has used power of C for developing animation software like Maya….

You might be a BCA student, or an engineering or diploma student, or a professional one, or even a job aspirant….fundamental knowledge of computer in programming perspective is must.

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