Chap. 1 : Unit 4 : Introduction to C Language: Part 1

मुलं जन्माला येत तेंव्हापासूनच खरं तर चौकस असतsurprise. व म्हणूनच शिकतं. काळ बदलत गेला पण निसर्गाचा हा नियम बदलला नाही. त्यात मग इंजीनीअर तर चौकस हवाच हवा. प्रवेश घेतल्या घेतल्या त्याला हजारो शंका निर्माण होतात आणी प्रत्येक वर्षी त्या वाढतच जातातcrying. फार नाही पण त्याच्या शंका थोड्या-फार प्रमाणात कमी करायचा प्रयत्न केला आहेenlightened आमच्या टिम न…कारण तुमच्या सारखेच होरपळलेले इंजीनीअर आहेत आमच्या टिम मध्ये…एकदा का शंका दुर झाल्या तर मग आमची गरज फक्त वाट दाखवायची…हुशार तर तुम्ही आहातच…माहीतयं आम्हालाheart 

History of C language

During 1960s, designers, developers, and, researchers community, all around the world, were busy, in developing, versatile computer programming language, The history of, C language is quite interesting, To, a new student like you, it may generate curiosity or, to you, the letter C itself, might seem like, initials of language developers, but it’s not the case

A few developers in early 60s, developed a simple language for common people, so named Common Programming Language, or in short, CPL, But their study and ambition was not over, and very soon additions were made in the CPL so they named new language as BCPL.

The developers were impressed by strength of BCPL and but still were not satisfied due to shortcomings, so went further to remove drawbacks of BCPL,  at least they felt so

And they developed a new language. So they removed last 3 letters of BCPL and gave the name as B.

Despite this much development in the industry, developers and designers were still aiming for sky high ambition, one designer, incidentally a colleague of Mr. Kernighan, developer of B, in AT and T, worked hard on new language. And the name of the designer was Dennis Ritchie. Ultimately this passionate fellow came out with a novel language, Though he developed the language independently he decided to give the name as C, being a successor of B.

Dennis never dreamt that his C language would be appreciated by billions of programmers’ community all around the word and rest is the history.

the momentum of popularity was so high that it became favorite language of all programmers around the world in a matter of few years and its popularity went on increasing in exponential manner in last 40 years absolute awesome and unbelievable gift to the world by Dennis Ritchie in early 70s

There are a few misconceptions amongst the students who intend to take up C language they believe it’s all about writing programs and its simple but it does not mean simple to learn but it’s simple to develop applications because of its compactness and flexibility. Other biggest misconception is that it has become obsolete but one should not forget that expressways, freeways and highways are always built on solid foundation, and it’s already been done by this princess.

My dear friends when you learnt English language, did you start by reading literature or poems? No I am quite sure you started with ABCD then tenses articles so on and so forth The same logic applies while learning C. One should not begin by writing programs but by understanding syntax of programming language in programming world syntax is grammar of a language and is sometimes called as semantics as well

so learning grammar usually consists of knowing what are data types and variables what are keywords what are tokens and expressions which control structure the language has provided how statements are written how program is designed how to store variety kind of data and ways to manipulate it ?

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