Demo of C Marathi Project : Part 4

पाहुणे जरी असंख्य पोसते मराठी
आपुल्या घरात हाल सोसते मराठी
हे असे कितीक ’खेळ’ पाहते मराठी
शेवटी मदांध तख्त फोडते मराठी

दंगते मराठी, रंगते मराठी
स्पंदते मराठी, गर्जते मराठी
गुंजते मराठी, गर्जते मराठी                 

: कवी सुरेश भट

When we started the project development in January 2011, many reasons led us to take this ambitious project in hand. First reason was need of students spread across Maharashtra to understand basics of C Programming language. We wanted to offer high quality contents at low cost. However we were shocked to know that Designer of this language Dennis Ritchie passed away on 11th of October same year.

No doubte, He was the greatest gift to the world by almighty.

Rest In Peace Sir…

From Innovative Team of C Marathi

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