Decision Control Structure Part 2

Chap 2 : Unit 2 : If Control Structure : Part 2

“निर्णय चुकीचा असला तरी चालेल पण निर्णय घेण्याची क्षमता हवी कारण निर्णय बरोबर की चुकीचा हे येणारा काळ ठरवतो” किती सुंदर वाक्य आहे नाही हे…?

सी प्रोग्रॅमिंग लॅंग्वेजमध्ये Decision घेतांना If control structure कसे वापरायचे हेच तर आम्ही या ठिकाणी समजावून सांगीतलय

We will see how to write condition and how the if block needs to be written to get the associated statements be executed if condition becomes true.

When multiple statements are to be associated with if condition, we need to enclose all statements inside pair of curly braces following the if condition

Prima facie structure of if..condition seems to be very easy, but it is very difficult to find the situation while solving programs and that insight a programmer will get only after writing many programs. 

Identifying this situation is major challenge I would say for fresher.

Many times in day to day life we do not explicitly say what would happen or what would you do if certain condition is not satisfied…

For example if you tell your friend in Pune that you both would go to movie if he travels to Pune on weekends. However you need not mention what you would do in your home town if you cancel your plan to go to Pune on weekends. Act of watching movie will take place only when you go to Pune that’s all…

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