Decision Control Structure Intro 4

Chap 2 : Unit 1 : Introduction to Decision Control Structure : Part 4

सी प्रोग्रॅमिंग करतांना नंबर positive आहे की negative, नंबर odd आहे की even असे खुप प्रोग्रॅम सोडवण्यापासून आपण सुरवात करणार आहोत. हेच तर या ठिकाणी सांगीतल आहे समजावून

if number is greater then 0 then it would be positive otherwise it would be negative

or say if any integer if is divisible by 2 then it is even number else it would be an odd number

To take one more example an year is a leap year if it satisfies certain conditions..isn’t it?

And be aware your knowledge of Mathematics is going to help you to write such kind of programs in C language

Here you need decision control structure to solve such kind of problems and it has been provided by Dennis

Using C language we can solve any type of problems and basic i.e. sequential control structure is not sufficient to solve these kind of problems and here we need some special control structure where Dennis will help you

Now here we will study Decision Control Structure in further topicsenlightened

In C There are basically 2 types of decision control structure viz. if and if…else. The third one is just the modification of second one with compact structure

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