Chap. 1 : Unit 3 : Introduction to Language: Part 2

Friends…. many students ask me why to learn C language in the era of .NET, Java, PHP, so my answer is when you learn C, you learn language fundamentals which are common to all languages in last 20 years. Same is explained here in this video.

Friends…. I discussed on operating system more than you might have hardly expected only because, we will be writing our C programs under DOS platform as well as recently developed IDE. Now just see the word platform…and how generically it is used….

As we already know, to run any application we need an operating system…. For cooking you need kitchen platform…or for swimming you need swimming platform…I mean without water can anybody swim…?

Now swimming platform may be different… like swimming pool, river, and lake or say ocean….but we need that….

To play games like cricket, football, hockey or tennis we need ground….

In the same fashion we need a platform in the computing world and here operating system performs that function…. And many times it is called as platform… Great know?

We might have heard about a few frameworks launched by Microsoft…. Like a .net framework…. A much hyped word these days among you programmers…. Just like talk of the town…. It is also manytimes called as a platform….!

Had you been to a gift article shop recently…? If yes you might have seen a frame… a photo frame…your job is to insert a photo of your choice in it…that’s all…. Sounds good know….just like plug and play…. No more hassles….

But my dear girls and guys ….we should not start our journey of learning merely by inserting only photos but instead learning how to build that frame itself…. So that we learn the foundation….and my dear friends…C provides that knowledge to understand the basics of all latest technologies like VC++, C sharp, J sharp, ASP dot net, PHP, python ….etc…

That is the reason we are going to learn C programming as a first language before learning any other technology….

And at the same time we are going to write our programs under the DOS environment as well as one IDE called C Free…. But does not matter whether it’s UNIX or Linux or DOS or window based platform

Because syntaxes and philosophy is same everywhere…. It’s like vanilla is base for any flavor of Ice-cream…. Other varieties would be added flavors like strawberry, Mango, chocolate.

Similarly learning C is important and flavors might be C under the DOS platform, C under Windows, C under UNIX, or even C under Linux ….

Syntaxes will be same with minor changes… in Nokia phones symbian C was also a new platform for writing mobile applications… and many components of android have been written in C and C++…

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