About Us

Established in 1999, under the leadership of Managing Director Mr. Bhalchandra Gholkar and with 17 strong workforces, Innovative has been influential in Software Training, BPO-Call Centre Training and Placement, LPO Training and Placement, Back Office Operations, Spoken English Training, Business English, Lingua Phone Language Lab). Now the company is fully engaged in development of e-learning contents for programming languages. 

Innovative strongly believes in self learning. It has been cultivating this culture of independence. At innovative, learning is more important than teaching. As every faculty member at Innovative believes, knowledge has to be ‘extracted’. Students are introduced to this futuristic culture of education. Keeping this same philosophy in mind Innovative is developing e-learning contents for the masses as well as classes. 

All training activities here are hinged on this central philosophy. After all, it is joy which gives knowledge. It is knowledge which gives confidence. And it is confidence which gives independence.

Technical training is followed by technical interview, general interview, and group discussion techniques. It has been the main concern to focus on the overall development of all the aspects of a student’s behavior. This preparation is essential so that the students are intellectually, mentally and emotionally prepared. It enables the students to become highly employable.


Training students in personalized manner for software industry is one of the key training activities that Innovative is involved in. Being one of the most demanding industries, software industry requires basic as well as upgraded training to students. Such a training calls for disciplining everything when the students are still students. The core of the software training at Innovative is making the most rudimentary concepts in C and C++ absolutely crystal clear. Here, the training is based on concepts, methods, ground-breaking techniques and yes, the attitude. All these things play a pivotal role once the students enter the real tough world. The aim is very clear – to offer excellent value to the students.

In Next 3 years we are determined to develop e-learning contents for C++, Data Structures and Java


The changing life and lifestyle is giving birth to new demands of exciting opportunities every moment. And the responsibility of making the students updated, making them skill-efficient is on the shoulders of entire training fraternity. Education is now an up scaling activity and not a mundane learning by rote.


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